86.Mark Medcalf(non-registered)
Great photos David, like the little goldcrests and the GC Grebes fighting is amazing, not seen that before.
Love the foxes - especially 'Peep'! How magical it must be to have one in the garden - we get excited with a hedgehog - we'd be ecstatic with a fox!!!
84.Robert Gall(non-registered)
David, I stumbled across your site almost by accident. I was extremely impressed by your work. Your images are amazing. I too have been a student of photography for over 50 years. I have rarely seen wildlife photographed so well. I would like to learn more about your technique. I live in Orlando Florida and have become more interested in wildlife lately. I doubt that I shall ever approach your quality.
83.Colin Souness(non-registered)
A lot of stunning pictures your a talented man who has obviously put in a lot of time ,effort and patience and your reward is these wonderful photographs well done.
82.David Shallcross
A wonderful site David, your photography is top notch Best regardsDS
79.pete harrison(non-registered)
see it was worth the wait for the black redstart today well done dave impressive,see you around pete.
78.Steve Seal(non-registered)
ust spent a most enjoyable hour going through some of your images , makes me think Iam wasting my time truly amazing photography David.
Best wishes Steve .
77.Pauline Greenhalgh(non-registered)
The dipper against the red and yellow water is THE SHOT! Would look fab as a large canvas on the wall! Magnifico!
73.Brian Davis(non-registered)
Hi David, I have been an admirer of your stuff on BG since we met at Leighton moss a few yrs ago. I have not viewed your stuff on your website before now but wish I had. The "walk on the wildside" is brilliant, and the rest of the site is equally as good. You are an inspiration for me to try harder.
70.David Shallcross
Initially a captivating presentation of photos and music, I watched it for some time before exploring your site. Congratulations on a very inspiring piece of work many, many, top class photographs.
Best wishes David
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